Taylor Anderson


This is a graphic design project, where I was instructed to draw a self portrait
out of text and include a quote and my name.

This is a graphic design project, where I was instructed to use a quote and
make a word look the way it means.

This is a online journalism project, where I was instructed to pick a topic of
intrest and activly blog about the intrest. You can visit my blog here: Music Matters


Hood College Commemorates 50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Act

Hood College is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act with a series of movies, lectures, music and other events.

On the new civil rights page, on Hood’s website, Provost Kate Conway-Turner states: “Hood College will devote the year 2014 to
openly reflecting upon the past, considering the present, and encouraging our community to seek a future where all citizens are
afforded complete and unequivocal civil rights.”

Events have been set up to allow students to participate in this message. Some upcoming events are, an afternoon with Natasha
Trethewey a United States poet, on March, 2, Wil Haygood, author of the Butler on March, 19, and documentary screening of The
Loving Story on March, 20.

David Guwani said, “I think that these events are a great opportunity. I have enjoyed the evens I have been to so far.”

Professor Liz Atwood stated that The March on Frederick event, “might be one of the most exciting.” While walking around
Frederick students, staff and the community will be able to commemorate the anniversary, by learning about and seeing
important local civil right landmarks.

A Civil Rights essay contest will be held as well.
Hood College undergraduate and graduate students are invited to write a 1,000 to 5,000-word essay reflecting on the status of the
civil rights today and what challenges remain to fulfilling the aspirations of the civil rights movement. Prizes will be awarded to the
winners. For undergraduate students first place will receive $500, second place will receive $250 and third place will receive $100.
For graduate students, there is only one prize of $500. Submissions are due by 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 31.

Along with these events and essay contest, the civil rights page states that, “Hood College will enhance our service commitment by
giving back at least 15,000 hours to our communities.” As of right now, Hood has a long way to go; only 491 hours of community
service have been logged as of now.

Hood College Radio Advances

Blazer Radio, Hood College's online radio station, is taking the necessary steps toward achieving their dream of professional
programming. This semester and the upcoming fall semester executive members of Blazer Radio have been and will be hard
at work updating their autoplay feature. "Updating the auto playlist is a big job and will take time before we're satisfied,"
says Jake Rogers, DJ, Music Director, and head of autoplay updates.

The radio, which started in 2005, has taken fundamental steps guiding them toward their goal of professional programming.
One of those steps was installing and now updating an autoplay feature.

Over the years, the radio dreamt about 24 hour broadcasting and two years ago that dream came true, when the Music
Director, Seth Rinker, pushed to purchase the autoplay software. Once the software was purchased, Seth set up what used to
be, Blazer Radio’s first auto playlist. An improvement to the station and one step closer to their goal, Blazer Radio changed
their operating hours to 24 hours a day and has kept it that way ever since.

Now, both the executive board and listeners agree, the auto playlist is out of date. With this in mind, the start of the 2014
spring semester, members of Blazer Radio took immediate action and began working with hopes to finish the updates by the
end of the school year. With so much work needed to produce a quality playlist, Blazer Radio has pushed their completion
date to the end of the 2014 fall semester.

Blazer Radio, being the diverse station it is and playing the variety of music on each show that is does, makes it difficult to
update the autoplay. "We want to mold our auto-play to mirror that diversity. It's difficult, each show is different and each play
different types of music," Rogers explained.

Hood Happy Hour, with host Jamone Davis, Ernie's Hour, with host Jake Rogers, and THC, with host Tony Salisbury are three of
over a dozen and a half shows on Blazer Radio. These shows add genres like Hip hop, R&B, Rap, Dubstep, and Alternative Rock
to the programming. With this diversity in mind Blazer Radio has been buying music to expand their library, in hopes of
satisfying the majority of listeners.

"So far, my only goal for the autoplay is to expand it as much as possible. After we have a diverse database I would like to create
different auto playlists for each day in order to have more specified schedules," Rogers explained. And he is not the only person
who feels this way, Tony Salisbury, host of THC said, “ I would like to see the autoplay expanded and have certain playlists for
certain days.”

As of now, the auto-play is a repeating 12 hour family friendly playlist. After all of the fall updates are completed, members of the
executive board, hope to see a playlist of a few hundred hours, with specific genres on specific days and times.