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What kind of fashionista are you?

Do you like shopping?

What do you think is most flattering on your body?

What store would you chose to shop in?

Do you shop without coupons?

Would you buy something even if you did not LOVE it?

Mostly A's - You are a high maintenance, classy fashionista. You don't care if the price tag says $1.00 or $100.00, you would want it, you'll buy it.

Mostly B's - You are a stress free shopper. You do not mind shopping all day or no going to the mall for weeks. Either way you are continent.

Mostly C's - You are a frustrated shopper. You like clothes, as well as shopping, but you have a hard time finding things that are right for your body. Just remember, everything can be tailored.

Mostly D's - You are a careless shopper. You hate going to the mall but will do it, if you are forced to. Otherwise, you would rather buy shoes then clothes.




What is considered 'trendy' this season?


By Samantha Mitchell

Have you ever felt like you just cannot find things that are flattering and trendy when shopping? Do you feel like your body type looks terrible in everything you try? Have you ever gotten so frustrated trying to find an outfit that you leave the mall with nothing?

If you have ever seen TLC's What Not To Wear with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly the following rules might seem familiar to you. If you did not already know there are clothes out there for everyone. This is why designers all make different things and have different themes to their collections.

No person is the same shape or size, and frankly not everyone likes the same styles. To get rid of the frustrating shopping days once and for all there are a few rules you have to follow.

First, neutral colors are your friends. Do not think that beige, black, brown, and navy are too boring to have in your closet. They are a must have for any one no matter where you are at in your life. Neutral colors are easy to pair with any other color of the rainbow.

Always remember to pick out clothes in your size. Do not pick out clothes in the sizes you want to be, pick out clothes in the sizes you are now at this very moment. Do not worry, almost anything can be tailored.

There are different body types for everyone and everyone needs to dress their body's differently.

Always dress age appropriate. If you are 40 years old there is no reason why you should be wearing stretchy spandex tops and jeans that are white-washed down the front. Also you should never have shoes that light up over the age of 8.

Look for prints that are size appropriate. If you are a petite, small person you do not want a print that is too big because it becomes over powering. 

There is always more to an outfit then just a pair of pants and a shirt. When it comes to an outfit there should always be a completer piece to the look. This could mean either a sweater, jacket or even a nice belt to add shape to your outfit.

Don't forget about accessories! You can always dress up an outfit with a great pair of heels and a nice handbag. Jewelry can also help you dress an outfit up or down.

It may seem hard and you might become overwhelmed but that is when you need to take a step back, re-evaulate the situation, and finish what you started.

Sometimes it might seem difficult to pick out 'trendy' outfits, but who says something is trendy? Trendy can be defined as anything that is believed by the masses that something is fashionable. Trends may come and go, but there are some things that never change.

Elisabetta Laggini, who is currently a junior at Hood College, describes the word trendy as, "a style that most people choose to follow".

For example, the little black dress. This piece is almost required for any girl. No matter what a simple black dress will never go out of style. Another classic dress is the red cocktail dress. This is always a great choice for a very elegant look. A red dress paired with black pumps and a small black clutch is always a good look for a semi-formal to formal occasion. Either outfit paired with a string of pearls around your neck makes the outfit very classy.

"Our fall collection consisted of a lot of faux fur pieces, pearl accents, and big belts," said Amber Capece, sales lead from White House Black Market in Frederick, Md. "We are done with our fall collection but now our holiday collection is in. It consists mainly of masquerade-like pieces, with the big, bold jewelry and embellished hats." There are many statements pieces in this collection.

Muna Hindi, who is currently a senior at Hood College, responded "I think some winter trends are centered on accessories. For example, woven patterned scarfs (not so much the large knit ones), slightly oversized knit hats, and a pair of nice leather boots."

These trends seem obvious for winter but there are other trends that are not so obvious for this season. "I have seen a lot of sheer leggings that do not seem too warm for the winter months. Plaid is another fashion that has been an ongoing trend for a couple seasons now," said Meghan Buzzell, Hood Alum.

Christine Warner, who is trying to find comfortability in her clothes as well as stay up to date in the current trends and she thinks plaid is the way to do it. "PLAID, PLAID, PLAID! It's all I see when I go shopping, but I love it. Its comfortable and yet still fashionable."

"I think the current fall and winter trends are North Face jackets and/or sweatshirts, as well as sweater dresses and leggings. When it comes to shoes, I think the biggest trend would have to be Ugg Boots," said Laggini.

When it comes to the winter/fall trends it seems that leggings are very much the current fashions. "As for fall trends I would say that leggings and jeggings are in," said Maureen Marton, who is currently a junior at Hood College,

Jeggings are jeans that look and feel like leggings but they still have a waist band with a button and zipper usually. Jeggings are a very new and upcoming trend. There has been more and more coming into stores this season.

As for Ann Taylor Loft's fall/winter collections are just a little bit different. "We have a lot of sweaters and sweater dresses, cardigans, and embellishment," said Amy Mooney, sales lead from Ann Taylor Loft in Frederick, Md.

What would you say if you had to honestly evaluate your style? How would you describe your own personal fashion? Do you think that description is true to who you are as a person?

"My personal style is kind of funk-esque (funk the music style if it were a fashion). I like fun knit hats, patterned scarfs, and more classy coats like the pea coat," explained Hindi.

"I would describe my personal style as leggings and a sweater pretty much every fall/winter," said Laggini.

"When I think of my personal style it's hard for me to go with just one thing. My style more depends on what I am doing that day," said Buzzell. "I mainly wear dresses in the summer. As for all the other seasons I tend to dress to the occasion. If I am going to work at the school I usually wear dress pants and a nice blouse. Now if I am taking my daughter camping or sitting around a fire I am wearing jeans, boots and a sweat shirt." 

"Well, for my fashion I would say its boho safari," said Marton. "I like a lot of bohemian clothing elements with animal print accents."

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