My name is Corinne Looper and I am currently a junior at Hood College studying Communication Arts and Film, though I intend to study film more after graduation in 2016. I live in Mt. Airy Maryland with my parents, my three younger brothers, a king snake, a crested gecko, and many many fish. I love film, music, animation, reading, and cooking. I try to watch movies weekly, however between work and school I usually end up not watching anything for two weeks and then binge watching three plus films in a single day. The first movie I ever saw in theatres was “Cats Don’t Dance” when I was two . My favorite movie would have to be “Meet the Robinsons“, though nothing  beats watching “The Princess Bride” when sick in bed. My dream job would be reviewing or rating films for a living, however I am also interested in film editing as I have an eye for details. I have a wordpress blog where I review movies as I watch them, though my update schedule depends on my free time.