My name is Jiselle Lopez and I am a third year college student studying Mass Communications and Spanish at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. I have been writing poetry and short stories since I was 13 years old. I am an aspiring journalist and a staff writer for my school’s newspaper The Blue and Grey. I hope to one day be an established writer in the world of Journalism and a published novelist. I enjoy writing news articles, poetry and fiction stories. I hope that my writing abilities open doors for me and that I am able to travel through my job.

After graduation I would love to travel outside of Maryland in hopes of finding opportunities to work for a variety of newspapers and magazines. I would enjoy traveling in general, for work and play. My ultimate dream is to work for the New York Times in New York City. Since it is a pretty prestigious publication I would build up from local city newspapers to the big city. I would also love to publish an adult or young adult fiction novel. I am constantly writing stories and it would be my dream to have family, friends and "potential fans" reading my work!