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Unseen in Baltimore is a site that dedicated to the hidden treasures that are located in the Baltimore art scene.Creator and founder of the site is a true Baltimorian and native of that city that always interested in finding and exploring new aspects of her hometown. From going to different events, volunteering in the Artscape festival, from listening to underground artist from her city; she is always hungry for something fresh to share with the rest of the world.Born and raised in South Baltimore, Briana always had a liking and love for all things art. Growing up in family where art was not the topic at the dinner, she found exposure through various outlets. During those years her love for music and art would grow. It was not until her high school years that Briana would begin to write and express her self verbally. She has been published in her school literary magazine, and also receive a music award for her participation in Catonsville High School Madrigal Singers club. After high school, she took a break from her creative side to regain focus on her life. After a four year hiatus from pursuing anything art related, she regain her passionate for art again in junior of college. From creating two blogs that allows her readers to explore her perception and opinon of art, to reliving some personal things about her life. She has begun to expose her self to the world on more translucent level rather than hiding behind personna that she was not.With finally walking in who God created her to be, and getting comfortable with who she is, Briana is a force to be reckon with. In her words, "One must want to be seen, one must want to be unseen, to be discovered by all living things. We are those people, we live to be seen for who we are, but we live to be unseen for we are capable of. This is our world, do you dare to take a look in?"