Riley Wilson


About Me 

Before my studies at college, schoolwork became nothing more than a task. Yes, I did come to class every day and pass my tests, but the content of the tests meant little more than the difference between a high and low grade. Three years ago, that outlook on academic affairs transformed drastically. Once I began studying in courses in college, the “why” and “how” questions came back into my mind.

Why is English considered such a difficult language to learn, as compared to one such as Spanish?
Why are many now saying that print media is being forced into extinction?
How do all of the elements of music combine for masterpieces such as Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons?”
How can one break significance and sound apart in a language to develop a stronger understanding of it as a whole?

Questions such as these are ones that I have set out to answer.

Currently, I am majoring in both Spanish and communication arts at Hood College. I believe that I have found my niche in writing, but my interests range from aspects of cinema to topics concerning paleontology.

Coaching children in softball will always be a love of mine, but it is little more than a hobby. I enjoy drawing, but my talent is one that has been ground into a mere method of passing time.

In truth, my only aspiration now lies with my desire for understanding. My plans for the future begin with a semester abroad in Spain and an internship at a news publication; they end with a question mark. Why set limits?





Examples of my work:


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