ter4@hood.edu ◈ 2427 Hartley Place, Wilmington, DE 19808 ◈ (302) 740-8170

I am currently a senior at Hood College in Frederick, MD, pursuing a bachelors’ degree in Communication Arts with a concentration in public relations. I am from Wilmington, DE and plan to move back home at the completion of my college career. I chose to study communication arts because I am driven by deadlines, my innate ability to bring people together, and my skills at event planning from small to grand venues. When I was in high school I was asked to help plan our open house and I was the only student on the committee. By working in these environments I have been able to listen to many people at once, meet my deadlines, and learn that criticism is a great asset for anything.

After my college career, I plan to go into public relations, which has been my main focus throughout college. I am a member of PRSSA and in the past I have been an exec member. I would like to translate the talents that I cultivated into my career. I enjoy working on videos and graphics in my spare time, but I would love to utilize them within my career.

Creativity takes Courage.