Welcome! My name is Adeline Roop and I’m a senior English student with a journalism minor at Hood College where I live to learn. What I mean is, Hood College is where I live to learn about the things that change my life and make it better. I learn about poetry: writing it, reading it, scanning it, finding meaning in it, etc. Volleyball: playing it, coaching it, working as a team, dedication. Friendships and connections: life-long relationships that enhance my life in the same way I hope to make theirs a little more exciting in some small way. I learn about living happily and becoming the best person I can be by surrounding myself with great opportunities and even greater people.

I’m uncertain about exactly what I wish to do after college, but I’m open to anything in the field. I enjoy photography, play guitar and writing poetry, writing feature stories, and editing absolutely anything. Keeping up with current events is vital so I have experience across social media as well as an interest in old-fashioned tangible newspapers. I’m really just a hard-working writer striving to inspire and find a creative voice in my work.