Edward Zeauskas


Hi, my name is Edward, Aslan to a few. I am a 28 year old writer living in that John Waters, Village Thrift style beehive hair hon kind of world. 8Th in the nation for violent crimes ( we were fifth), and they Shot Ladder 49, and scenes from The Wire 5 minutes from my house, in either direction.

While searching for that transcendental pixie-dust freedom, I got my AA in Business Administration from CCBC, Safe Zone Training Certificate, and my Philosophy in Business Certificate. I am currently a Philosophy & Religion Major (minoring in Journalism) at Hood College, and really looking forward to being released into the world once again come May.

Everything in these “about me” sections seems so, so cliché. Take me for example someone could write the book, From Foster Care to College, (and everything between) another success story, but Pelzer probably beat them to it.



















Great Minds

Crowley, Desade, Wolfe, Hobbes, Locker,Lord Byron, Voltaire, Georges Bataille,Peter Sotos, Plath ( It is a pretty long list)


* To write

* To Find my own little nook





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