While concentrating in Public Relations, we are required to build a real campign for a business of our choosing. I had reached out to my mechanic at Moonlight Automotive, Inc. to help them build more awareness of their brand.

Throughout the class I had to research, determine publics, create stratigies and tactics, build a budget, calendar, and communications table.

This link leads to a page that shows all the steps I took to building my campaign.

This is a public service announcement that I had written, directed, and edited for a local Frederick chapter of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

It was designed to create awareness and encourage others to join the BSA.

Boy Scout PSA

These are two articles I wrote that were published in the "Slice of Life" section of the Frederick News Post, 2013.

The keys to healthy living: Balance and self-care

Woman finds happiness by helping others find jobs

This is an active blog I write about body care, everything from internal to external boday care

Dare to Body Care

My required PR writing course is designed to teach you how, and what to write if you were a PR specialist. In that class we were required to make up our own nonprofit, and create awareness of our comapny.

We had to write things like backgrounders, talking points, news releases, social media releases, and speeches.

This link leads to a page that shows all the steps I took to successfully run a nonprofit.