Communication Arts



My name is Bethany Elizabeth Gwiazda and I am a senior at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. I have decided to major in Communication Arts with a concentration in Digital Media, as well as a minor in Sociology. I am originally from both Harford and Baltimore County and decided that Hood being only an hour away was the perfect distance from home. However, with my degree I hope to dive right into the field of communications whether it is in public relations, broadcasting, advertising, graphics, editing and film, or integrated marketing communications. I am passionate about the entire field and I am determined to build a solid foundation to where I can work my way up the ladder and one day reach the level of success I have always strived for. I hope that the career path I choose allows me to travel as I have not yet had the privilege to do so. As for now, I am hard at work finishing my last year at Hood, and I am very excited to put everything that I have learned in my classes and from my professors to use in an official business environment.