Natalie Hernandez


Natalie Hernandez is an avid social media user, web creator and painter and with her artistic and technologically savvy talents she creates digital and traditional masterpieces. For the past three years she has been attending Hood College and is a year away from finishing her B.A in Communication Arts. She has geared her education towards her creative field by taking classes such as digital photography, web development I&II, and painting I&II. These classes have extended her portfolio and given her a vast knowledge in digital software and classical art techniques. Currently, she is working on learning Dreamweaver and creating a new website. Also, Natalie blogs at comart5/ At her job as a Resident Assistant she puts into practice her passion of advertising and creates posters and flyers for the building as well as helps handle its social media. As a Campus activities board member, one of Natalie tasks is to promote for events through social media. She gets good viewership at her blog, high attendance to her Resident assistant programs, and a large turn-out to all her campus planned events, because of her expertise in promotional marketing and quality advertisements. She won a leadership award in 2013. She is still waiting for an opportunity to showcase her talents and leadership skills.