Biographical Statement:

I was almost an English major due to my long-held obsession with writing but I decided on Communication Arts because photography, graphics, and social media also interest me. In the 2013 Spring semester I will be taking the Social Media class at Hood. I had an informative internship over the summer at Frederick Magazine where I did proof reading and copyediting.

I will always be working on creative fiction projects online with my friends, but I also currently run two blogs. The first is “Internet Culture and Memes” which resides on the Frederick News-Post website. In my posts I explain and discuss Internet culture and phenomenon, such as viral videos and memes. My other blog is directly on WordPress, and it is called AnimeOtakuCulture. In it I talk about anime shows, and the surrounding anime subculture.

My passions include writing creatively, crafting, drawing, playing Pokemon, watching anime and cosplaying at Anime Conventions. I hope to find a position writing and editing for online media.