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The Perfect Truffle

Are you looking for a sweet and tasty treat that fills your taste buds from the second you bite into it? There is only one place to come too for its handmade designs and its hand churned gnash that fills up your taste buds, The Perfect Truffle.

The Perfect Truffle is located in Everedy Square on N. East St. in Frederick, MD. Upon opening the door, your first breath in is a whiff of Cacao Barry chocolate made in France. Next Chef Randy Olmstead, the owner and creator of The Perfect Truffle or Luisa Hayes, the general manager and accompanying chef of The Perfect Truffle, promptly greet you as you walk through the door.

Olmstead studied at the culinary school L’Academie de Cuisine located in Gaithersburg, Maryland and also studied under Roland Mesnier, the former executive pastry chef of the White House. Olmstead was originally interested in marine biology but came across a hobby that swooped his interest. The Perfect Truffle started out in the basement of a church but quickly became a hit as the tasty desserts sparked people’s interests. “That’s when I came in”, Hayes said. Hayes studied at George Washington University with a B.A. in Visual Communications and took classes at The Chocolate Academy and The French Pastry School in Chicago. Hayes has been working at The Perfect Truffle since it opened in Everedy Square five years ago.

As you take a look around the shop for the first time, one can see at first-hand the ingredients used to make gnash, the center of all the truffles and an endless flow of chocolate streaming down from a machine. The greatest thing of all though is a glass case refrigerating a multitude of about 53 different flavored truffles.

Hayes said there are about 65 different flavors that she can account for that she has made since she started working here five years ago. She stated that they have made more flavors but other flavors were brought in by the customer to have them personally created (some seasonal ones). As one is looking at the truffles in the case, Olmstead or Hayes explains what truffles are most popular and what ingredients are infused in each main truffle.

“Now that it’s getting cold, business is starting to pick up,” said Chef Olmstead. About 80% of business year round is accrued during the winter. Olmstead stated that because of how warm it gets in the summer, most people do not want chocolates but when winter time roles around the people starting coming in for the truffles and the hot chocolate. The Perfect Truffle has been recognized as the hot spot of Frederick, being rated the winner of the People’s Choice Award for Best Chocolate in Frederick, 2012.

As Hayes makes a box for Steve and Jennie Lane, stopping by after having an early dinner, Hayes states, “I always get told that they are too pretty to eat. It seems to be the most frequent statement.”

The intricate design work can take up to two hours to make certain designs depending on which mold and sometimes can take even longer. “The issue is not the design” said Chef Hayes, the time that it takes to spray four molds 4-by-7 or 4-by-8 depending on the flavor is the problem. The process to finish various flavors can take sometimes up too three days or longer depending on the flavor, says Olmstead.

A lot of product that is made is usually outsourced immediately to one of the three other winery’s selling The Perfect Truffle’s product. Lia Seltzer, event/corporate manager and social media consultant of The Perfect Truffle handles these three corporate accounts. The local Frederick Winehouse, Black Ankle Vineyards, and the newest and prospering place in Purceville, Virginia, North Gate Vineyards uses The Perfect Truffle’s product.

“North Gate requires the most product and attention out of Black Ankle and Winehouse,” says Seltzer. The amount of product that they go through is unbelievable she states. On average The Perfect Truffle ships about 300 truffles each weekend. Chris Rolle, a local lawyer in downtown Frederick said North Gate Vineyards was “exquisite.”

If one decides to travel out to Perceville, the scenery and the location of the vineyard is extravagant. The property is set up beautifully on a hill with the vineyard directly behind the tasting room. The gorgeous scenery and outdoor and indoor seating sets the mood for an amazing relaxation. “The best part about it is the drive to and from. It relaxes me,” said Seltzer. From the pairings of wine and truffles the selected truffles are superb matches made from a true wine connoisseur.

Traveling to North Gate Vineyards in Virginia to try pairing truffles with wine and the multitude of choices at The Perfect Truffle shop located in Everedy Square, one can say that above all, the gnash and the truffles appearance are brilliant.

So if your ever looking for a good birthday or holiday present or want to try wine pairings with chocolate, come to The Perfect Truffle and meet Chef Randy Olmstead or Chef Luisa Hayes to find out more about tasting that PERFECT TRUFFLE.




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