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Hollywood Movie Producers to Come to Frederick?

Could Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, and Leonardo DiCaprio be seen on Frederick streets or at Hood College someday? This just may happen if the Frederick Film Office (FFO) succeeds in its vision.

"The mission of the Frederick Film Office is to support, attract, and promote film, television, and multimedia projects in Frederick County, Maryland," said Carl Glorioso, the [former] director of the FFO.

Although it's unlikely that the FFO will attract Hollywood movie companies with huge budgets to Frederick County, it does expect to attract independent filmmakers as well as makers of documentaries, TV shows and commercial productions. "There's been a lot of interest so far," Glorioso said.

The Frederick area, with its sweeping country vistas, historic architecture, historical significance and elegant Southern mansions offer filmmakers a wealth of settings and backgrounds for their movies.In addition, the FFO is asking local citizens if they would agree to allow their homes to be featured in movies. Suitable sites for filmmaking are being sought throughout Frederick County. Once all of the information concerning these "shooting locations" is gathered, it will be used for a database to be made available to filmmakers.

The Frederick Arts Council, a local organization whose "…purpose is to foster an environment where the arts may flourish in our community," recognized the need for the establishment of a local office to facilitate the process by which filmmakers could utilize Frederick County. "Filmmakers had to go to the Maryland Film Office in Baltimore.

If they wanted to film in Frederick, they'd be put in touch with Frederick officials," Glorioso said. The Frederick Arts Council established the Frederick Film Office in January, 2011, with Glorioso as its official director.

The work of the Frederick Film Office will directly improve the county's economy. In her "Screen Craft" class at Hood College, Dr. Katherine Orloff, explains how a movie company brings revenue to a local economy. The company arrives with essential equipment and personnel. Everything else is purchased locally. The crew needs food and lodging, rental vehicles and equipment. Feeding the entire production company is a logistical challenge. A hall, meeting place, or sometimes a tent, large enough for the entire company must be nearby and available. A parking area must be rented or leased for company vehicles and equipment. Security guards are needed. Local actors may be hired. Local individuals with film crew experience may be needed. During their off-hours, many of the crew will shop at local businesses.

These examples are only a few of the ways money comes to town; there are many more.

Any location made available to filmmakers must ensure these resources are available when the movie company arrives. If all goes well, the movie company is likely to return. The challenge for the Frederick Film Office will be to not only entice filmmakers to Frederick but to also keep the door open for their return.